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the_last_shadow's Journal

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Hi! I'm Shads a 27 years old, french/spanish girl and I've been a slash fan for eight years now. I tend to change of fandom OFTEN. I get obsessed with one until it bores me and then move on.

I mostly do graphics: wallpapers, banners, headers, manips, icons ect... but when I found enough inspiration I write too. I use to start many fics that I never post. *sighs* I'm like that!


What I like overall and why I have this journal is SLASH.

Fandoms: Batman, Thor, The Avengers, Teen Wolf, The eagle, 3:10 to Yuma, Merlin, Supernatural, Assassin's Creed, Good Omens.

Pairings: Lucifer/Sam, Thor/Loki, Batman/Joker, Derek/Stiles, Marcus/Esca, Ben/Dan, Merlin/Arthur, Gwaine/Lancelot, Sam/Dean, Crowley/Aziraphale, Altaïr/Malik, Altaïr/OMC

I'm also a fan of RPGs and I play a lot at World of Warcraft. Horde For The Win!!! *war cry*


Feel free to add me and if we get along I'll friend you back.

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Original art from JOKER by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo.

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Horde for the win!!

3:10 to yuma, altaïr, anime, arthur pendragon, arthur/merlin, assassin's creed, aziraphale, aziraphale/crowley, batman, batman/joker, ben wade, ben wade/dan evans, blood elves, bruce wayne, bruce/joker, castiel, crowley, crowley/aziraphale, crusades, dan evans, dan evans/ben wade, dante, dante/vergil, dean winchester, dean/sam, death knight, devil may cry, dexter, dexter morgan, draco malfoy, dragons, erestor, esca, esca/marcus, fanart, fanfiction, glorfindel, glorfindel/erestor, good omens, gwaine, gwaine/lancelot, hanzo hattori, harry potter, horde, james, james potter, james/severus, japan, japan history, joker, joker/batman, joker/bruce, knights, lancelot, lancelot/gwaine, lestat, lestat de lioncourt, lestat/louis, loki/thor, lord of the rings, louis, louis/lestat, lucius, lucius malfoy, lucius vorenus, lucius/sirius, mandos, manga, manwe, marauder, marcus flavius aquila, marcus/esca, medieval, melkor, melkor/feanor, melkor/sauron, merlin, merlin bbc, merlin/arthur, ninja, onimusha, paladin, pirates of the caribbean, playstation2, playstation3, pullo/vorenus, remus lupin, rikimaru, rogue, rome hbo, sam winchester, sam/dean, samanosuke akechi, samurai, samurai warriors, sauron, severus, severus snape, severus/james, siegfried schtauffen, silas, silmarillion, sirius black, sirius/lucius, slash, snape/potter, soulcalibur, supernatural, templars, tenchu, the dark knight, the eagle, thor, thor/loki, titus pullo, titus/lucius, undeads, vampire chronicles, vergil, vergil/dante, videogames, vorenus/pullo, warlock, wincest, world of warcraft, yaoi